How Mchinji-Mikundi EPA Beneficiaries Were Duped… and How They’ve Banded Together to Overcome Teething AIP Challenges
December 15, 2022
December 26, 2022

By Luciano Milala

Malawi Professional Boxing Control (MPBC) body president, Lonzoe Zimba on Monday which was also his birthday donated 180 bags of Malawi’s staple food maize to people affected by hunger in his area.

Mchinji is one of the areas in Malawi that despite producing more food is also affected by hunger every year and government through department of disasters has pledged to support the district with food.

Falida Phiri of Mduwa village said she has spent four days without food and she said she was relying on some well-wishers to help her and her children have something to eat.

“When there is hunger in a family everyone is tired and cannot be productive to find family needs because they have no energy but with the food brought by Lonzoe , it will help us to be united in our families and be productive as a family” , Phiri said.

Phiri who was in a happy mood further pleaded with other people who have something that can be shared to the poor to follow Mr. Zimba’s example by supporting the needy in their areas.

“We have so many rich people in our area but they are not like Lonzoe as they are failing to support the poor from their area and with that we ask God to bless Lonzoe to continue supporting us,” Phiri said.

Traditional Authority (T/A) Mduwa commended Lonzoe Zimba for the timely support by saying he was overwhelmed with so many request from his subjects looking for food.

The chief also said if all people who are well to do are like Lonzoe Zimba people would not complain to him but people would be able to receive from them.

“People in my area did not harvest more last year because they failed to buy fertilizer in the Affordable Inputs Programmes depots. Some of them completely failed while some were able to buy only one type of fertilizer and that is the reason there is hunger in my area” Said T/A Mduwa.

“I am also glad to learn that the government of His Excellency Lazarus Chakwera has promised us to start providing food in areas that are lacking in the country including the people of my area.” Mduwa added.

Speaking after presenting the bags of Maize, Lonzoe Zimba, MPBCB President said he has been doing these charity works since he was young and he has just extended with how he earns money per year.

Zimba added that it pains him to see less privileged people failing to access food while he has something to share with them.

“With little that I find I make sure I support my relatives in my area and not only my relatives but also all the people who are less privilege in my area” Said Zimba.

“I have used over K5 million to buy maize and also to feed the people who came to get  the maize since they came early and you know they were supposed to eat hence I decided  that before giving them the maize they have to take some food first”.

However, Lonzoe Zimba has quashed allegations that he is doing such charity work to increase political mileage.

About 400 families from T/A Mduwa managed to receive the donations and chiefs where asked to register all people eligible to receive the maize.